DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 4


As promised, another comic.


DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 3

DJComic_012Oookay… I’m really horrible at keeping track of time.  I was still thinking it was the middle of May.  Nope, already June, ugh.  Anywhooo, I’ll be posting the rest of May in the next few days and start posting June’s soon too.

Thanks for dealing with my derpy ass and sticking around!


DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 2


Sooo… apparently these don’t upload themselves.  Imagine that!  Sorry for the late post.  Forgot to schedule it; my bad.


DJ Comic: May Holidays Part 1



Missing Dicks of the Months?

So I was just doing some looking around and discovered that I made a mistake when uploading the Dick of the Month posts for May and June.  Turns out I uploaded them as drafts, not as Posts.  What does that mean?  It means you couldn’t read them.  So the coming week will be Dick of the Month Week.

Monday we’ll have May’s Dick of the Month.

Wednesday we’ll have June’s Dick of the Month.

And we’ll top it all off with July’s Dick of the Month on Friday!

Unless something goes terribly awry…like me uploading them wrong, again.