Tekko 2015 Merch Post

The wife’s been keeping the site going with her nifty comics while I finished the videos and this stuff.  This should be the last official post on Tekko 2015.

So as has become the norm after a convention, I’m putting up all the nifty stuff we got this year.  First of all, a quick rundown of the things we got Far East Boutique in its going-out-of-business sale.  We got an awesome wall fan (it takes up half the couch in the photo), two samurai statues, a bag of assorted bento box parts, a nifty coin-purse kind of bag, and a cute kitty bag to go along with the kitty clutch purse the wife got last year from them.

DSCN0238 DSCN0239 DSCN0241 DSCN0242


Next up are a few cute little chibi post-card style pictures made by Lily Cernak.


Castiel because we’re huge Supernatural fans, Dr. Horrible because that’s one of the best short series I’ve ever seen, and Loki because he arouses my wife. 😉

And from the same booth as Lily was Alan Cernak.  I’m not sure which one did the following pictures, but they aren’t listed on Lily’s deviant art so I’ll just assume it was Alan for now.  Either way, I like the old woodblock-style art of the latter two a lot.

DSCN0249 DSCN0250


Here’s a Fluttershy scarf from Nightengale Needles.  They caught our eye because they had some pride stuff on their stall and then the wife looked at the scarves.  It’s long enough that you can actually wrap it around you and make the ends hang at your hips like a cutey mark.



And here we have, clockwise from top-left, the Goddesses of Eternity, Death, Moon, Remembrance, Sun, and Rebirth by Carriations.



And when we passed Miho Studios she was having a sale on prints, buy two get two free.  So we got four prints.  The wife wanted the Jack Frost one because she got insta-horny looking at it.  She keeps asking to put it in a glass frame so she can kiss it without ruining the picture.  And of course, Thor and Loki holding hands in the first picture.


Those were the two we bought, then the free two were Queen Elsa from Frozen and Sailor Moon.



The last store we hit was Knights of the Classroom.  They make all things chainmail and have a pretty cool presentation available, too.  When the wife was working with the Boy Scouts she got to witness one of their educational shows.  We bought a set of earrings and a new stretch-chainmail bracelet for the wife.



At that point we ran out of money, so we left the Exhibition Hall before we could try to buy anything else.

So that’s everything we bought this year.  Walked away with some nifty art and an armload of oriental knickknacks, so the merch was definitely a good end to the weekend.


Tekko 2015: Day 3, Sunday and Final Overview

Sunday did not start anywhere near as early as Saturday.  Thank God in Heaven!

Praise the Merciful Lord of Flighty Deliciousness!

Praise the Merciful Lord of Flighty Deliciousness!

We got in around noon, maybe a little later.  There weren’t in particular panels we were gunning to see but we always wait until Sunday to hit the dealer’s room.  We headed straight for the dealer’s room and picked up all the merch we had been eying up the day before, which we quickly hauled back to the van.

Unfortunately one of the places we frequent for purchases, Far East Boutique, has decided to go out of business.  They decided it was just too much and they were getting too old for the convention circuit.  So we went back closer to closing time and got some huge deals from them.  On the one hand it sucked that they were closing down, on the other hand…we got bunch of stuff for way less than we normally would have.  And I finally got the statues they’ve been selling for years that I figured were too expensive.  Yay, me!

So, what did we do while we were waiting for things to get a little nearer to closing time?


Yup, just lounged around in the Premium…well, Lounge.  While we were in there a local act, a lady by the name of Nancy Kepner, was going on.  We’ve heard about her and one of our friends actually has a huge crush on her and wanted to ask her out a few years ago, but he backed out of hitting on her at the last-minute.  Needless to say, we’ve never actually managed to make it to one of her shows.

She was rather amusing, a bunch of humorous songs.  I think my favorite was her song about filler episodes with the awesome line about, “…following a ninja ostrich up a hill…” but she had a bunch of great songs in her repertoire.  Highly suggest giving her a listen if you have any interest in Anime, Humor, and/or Music.

And that was pretty much Sunday for us.  I always like Sunday being kind of an easy-going day to recuperate and ease out of the convention atmosphere.

So that brings us to the overall review of Tekko 2015!

Ultimately it was pretty cool.  There was a limited number of panels we were interested in, but that was mostly our own fault.  We are so far behind on watching new anime that we couldn’t go to half of the panels because they were about shows we haven’t seen, yet.  Like Attack on Titan, Madoka Magica (which are watching right now to fix that issue), or Kill la Kill.  Hell, we just finally watched Death Note like three months ago.

The panels we did attend were done well, there weren’t any crap-panels and the only panel that seemed to have any unaddressed tech issues was the one we watched at 9:00 am when the staff was trying to get everything else fixed up.

Actually our main problem was that the Premium Lounge didn’t seem to be stocked properly.  Almost every time we went there for a snack or a drink it was empty, especially if you were looking for a bottle of water.  So, since our biggest complaint was that the Premium Lounge was poorly stocked, I think the folks at Tekko have definitely improved greatly from what they were just a few short years ago.

The staff seemed professional and helpful.  I had an issue with my first panel on Friday that I needed a staffer to answer a question.  The issue was whether or not each panel room had separately registered lighting; you see the last year there was some issues that Panel Room 2 would try to lower their lights for a video presentation and the lights in Panel Room 1 would shut off.  I wanted to make my presentation easier to view, but didn’t want to shut the lights off on other panelists.

They had already learned from last year’s kerfluffle and each room had their lights separated.  The wife went to Con Ops while I was setting everything up and they had a staffer there to help me out in a matter of minutes.  Much better than I’d seen in past years.  The staffer knew what he was talking about, too; that’s always nice.

So yeah, overall only superficial issues.  I hope that Tekko continues to remain at this level in coming years.  I really can’t even think of anything for them to improve upon for next year, except for a better system of keeping the Premium Lounge well-stocked with victuals for the foppish pricks full of first-world problems like myself.

So, that’s it.  We enjoyed the convention immensely this year and can’t wait for next year.  The videos and the merch post will begin going up some time this coming week.

Thanks, again all!


Guess Who Is Selling Avon?

That’s right, folks, the wife has started selling Avon.  She has a website and now she’s utilizing the YouTube channel to hawk her wares.  So if you’re interested in all things Avon, especially if you want to support the site, take a gander and buy some stuff.  Support the site, you ask?  That’s right!  In case you’ve forgotten how the internet works, you can show your support by liking these posts, sharing them, and also by sending me money!!

Just pretend I’m a relative being held captive and the ransom is whatever you’re willing to spend.  Send the money now, or else you might get an ear in the mail.

Uhh, okay I’m making things awkward, now.  If you want actual DickJutsu merchandise, you can click on the anthropomorphic penis on the right side of the screen and buy some clothes or such.  But if you want something without a penis on it, then take a gander at the wife’s site: YourAvon.com/mhuey

Want to know what kind of stuff we’ve got for sale?  Take a look at her new Youtube Video describing some deals…


Thanks for all the support, moral and monetary.

Tekko 2014: Merch!

Now before I start this I want to point out that in the hustle and bustle of everything we lost a couple of business cards.  I’d like to show off who made each item that we purchased, but with the loss of the cards I can’t do that for every item.  If you believe you made an item that I haven’t attributed a creator/seller to, then send me a line using the form on the right side and give me a link to your site or your etsy page or whatever.  We also don’t remember the prices we paid for anything, so…uhh…yeah, sorry on that; next year I’ll take better records on this stuff.  Also, each picture (that we remember the makers to) link to their website if available.  So if you like what we got, and want one of your own, click the pic to get a lookie-loo at their other stuff for sale.

With that out of way, let’s get to the fun stuff!  First off we have this cute little, figuratively speaking because it’s huge, bunny pillow!

It's soo fluffy!!

It’s soo fluffy!!

And yes, that’s one of the ones we lost the card to.  The other one is this nifty cloth bookmark.

We hope it says something like 'Awesome Book' or 'Secret Manga', but it probably says, "This guy can't actually read". =(

We hope it says something like ‘Awesome Book’ or ‘Secret Manga’, but it probably says, “This guy can’t actually read”. =(

We got this nifty faux-flower headband from the folks at Domenica’s Fine Fashions.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, it’s a really nifty looking blue fabric flower.  They also make medieval outfits, costumes, and all kinds of custom-made outfits.  We also bought a lot of stuff from them, we definitely could have blown our entire convention budget on their stall, alone.

Made by Jessica Cowan of Domenica Cimatori.

Made by: Domenica’s Fine Fashions.

On the right hand side of this next one is a star-shaped jar pendant filled with glow-in-the-dark rocks.  On the left hand side is a really awesome idea: A circlet made with wig clips so that you can just put them in barrettes (or such I’m no hairdresser and really have no idea what I’m talking about) and not have to mess up your hair, but still keep the circlet in perfect place.  It has a turquoise-colored gem in the middle, which looks cool.

Made by: Manifested Dreams

Made by: Manifested Dreams

Every year it seems like we absolutely have to buy something from the A Case of Random stall.  We’ve bought barrettes, ankle jinglies, wrist jinglies, chopsticks, all manner of things from her before.  Always happy with our purchases, the wife wanted another rainbow item (you can never have too many rainbow shinies, she claims) so we picked up some more ankle jinglies.  I can’t not suggest this fine lass for all your chainmail accessory needs.  Did I mention shiny jinglies?

Made by: A Case of Random

Made by: A Case of Random

I mentioned buying a sticker of a cop named Dick from the Phoenix Wright series; he’s the dude in the middle, Dick Gumshoe (Itonokogiri Keisuke).  On the left we have Loki from the Thor and Avengers movies (and the comics before that) and on the right we have Sailor Jupiter (Lita/Makoto).  They are all stickers made by one Lacey Shreffler.

Made by: Lacey Shreffler

Made by: Lacey Shreffler

And the last thing we bought is another case of ‘lost card syndrome’, which is a shame because the last time we were at Tekko we bought a bunch of Chinese wall scrolls from them which currently adorn my home office.  Anyway, this cute little kitty clutch was perfect since the other day when we went to the theater to see Wicked (which was fantastic, BTW) my wife had trouble carrying her ID and all that fun stuff.  You see, my wife’s not a big purse kind of woman, and ladies pants (and dresses, of course) don’t have very deep pockets, if they have pockets at all.  So a clutch that she can hang from her wrist is great.  This little number was only a few bucks and it has a cute kitty on it.  You can’t really go wrong with a cute kitty, right?


And that was everything non food-related that we spent money on this year.  All this talking about Tekko has me wanting to go back, already.  Hope to see you folks next year!