DJ Comic: March Holidays Part 3


Sometimes you forget how fun it is to blow and pop bubbles.  Or just blow the bubbles and then watch them float away; it’s very relaxing.

On the rare occasion that I do need my middle name I have to look at my driver’s license.

I can’t wait to start planting my own garden!



Hello all.  This is my first official blog, I’ve ranted about my job on MySpace before (back when MySpace was cool; I feel old), but nothing ever so…formal.  To introduce myself I’d like to point out some things that will be regular occurrences within my blog:

  1. I have an irreverent sense of humor.
  2. I am just plain irreverent, if you want god-loving talk, there’s more than enough of those crazies around to listen to.  Try AM radio.
  3. I have a very odd political leaning.  I hate the right, I hate the left, and I hate the people in between.  You’ll see a lot of social commentary, nonetheless.
  4. I am an amateur writer, with hopes to become a professional writer.
  5. I am a gamer, I enjoy video games and I make a lot of video game references.
  6. I also enjoy the Japanese artistic medium known as Anime.  They’re not just cartoons, they have substance like…a plotline.  Well, at least the good ones…the ones I talk about.

That being said, allow me to officially introduce myself.  My name is Richard C. Shaffer and you may have noticed my moniker around here is DickJutsu.  Where does my name come from?

I’m named after my two grandfathers, Norman and Sylvester.  When I was born my parents were trying to decide what to name me.  My father suggested, “Why don’t we name him after your father and mine?”

My mother stared at him and said, “Norman Sylvester Shaffer?”

They sat in silence and then my father said, “Well, they both go by their middle names, so what about that?”

And so I was named Richard Clyde, after my grandfathers Norman Richard and Sylvester Clyde.

Oh, you were wondering about the DickJutsu part?  That’s simple…

Dick is a somewhat common nickname for Richard, as a matter of fact the grandfather I spoke of earlier whose name I share even goes by Dick.  I was wracking my brain for three weeks trying to come up with good ideas for a website and wracking my fiancée’s brain, too.  Finally in a frustrated attempt to shut me up, since we had recently read the article where the term DickJutsu was coined, she said, “Why don’t you just call it dickjutsu…you dick?”

And I stared at the beautiful woman for a moment, slowly widening my grin.  Which apparently creeped her out, because she stepped away from me and asked, “Wh-what?  What’s that look for?”

And so, that’s where it all came from.  My future wife…a blackbelt of Bitchido.

A good name anecdote, that’s the way to start things; I think.  Remember…this blog thing is a journey, a journey that we shall take together.  Or I’ll hunt you down and show you grotesquely long slideshows of my vacations like that creepy neighbor you never want to talk to.