Lyner, Even You Can Excel! Eh?

You know, for a man my age, who has been called a ‘scholar’ of various subjects and topics…I find it alarming how many things I don’t seem to research. Mostly trivial, I hope, but still.

This point was driven home like a nail to the brain just yesterday, as I was sitting in traffic and listening to the radio. Why would I listen to the radio? I was tired of the CD in the CD player and I couldn’t reach my CD case. I also don’t have much music on my phone, because the game I play on my phone takes up too much space.

Pokémon no go…

Now let me bring this important point up. I know the words, in Russian, for both of the Origa songs used as the openings for the Ghost in the Shell anime series. I also know the words, including English translation, for the song Dragonstea Din-Tei by the Romanian band, O-Zone (y’know, the Numa Numa song).

Well, the Metallica song Enter Sandman came on the radio. I was bored and stuck in traffic, so I figured, “Hey a good song for once…” I cranked up the volume and starting singing along. It was as this point that I realized…I didn’t actually know the words. This song’s older than I am, I’ve listened to it dozens of times, and I never really thought to figure what the lyrics were.

I was yelling out stuff like, “Excel Liner, prayer for night! Take my hand, off to never never land.” And one verse I even tried “Exce-elle-ent! Excel Nigh-aye. Take my hand…” Only today did I get a chance to look up the lyrics.

Exit Light, Enter Night.

Really? I was way off. And what is an Excel Liner that I actually thought I was close to the real words?

C'mon Lyner, you can do it! Excel Lyner...Excel!!

C’mon Lyner, you can do it! Excel Lyner…Excel!!

Oh well…