Blog Topics Are Hard!

So in trying to think of new topics to talk about besides politics, gay rights, and Anderson Cooper’s silvery mane…I found this website called Blog Topic Generator.

My first topic was Nations with wars going on.  Nah, I talk about that enough.  Then Dishes from the Philippines, which I know nothing about; Musicians you have a crush on, which will just wind up getting me in trouble with my fiancé.  Then I got Recording deals followed by Heterophony; neither of which I have any knowledge about.

So I decided, as entertaining as mashing the button for ideas was, that I’d start looking at more specialized things.  Opinions gave me Hang out on a Friday or Saturday and Unforgettable quotes.

Now we’re starting to get somewhere!

Health gave me Running in the morning and Nutrition for young kids.  I skipped religion and science, since I talk so much about them already.  I skipped art as well because I know I’ll eventually get onto this rant…

Probably sold for $50,000.

So we keep going and we find…Personal.  It gives me Naming a child, Things you regret, and the Worst ways to die.

Now we’re talking!  I think this is going to be a great new tool for my blog writing, and if you ever have trouble writing your own…or just want to come up with a conversation topic for the next bridge game or family reunion, then I highly suggest this Blog Topic Generator.

And for an extra little treat, just to show that I’m not totally neglecting Politics…

Speaking of debate topics…Mr. Biden, what’s your favorite lubricant?


Of course the third thing Personal gave me was, “What would you do with a million dollars.”  Shucks, already did that topic.