September Dick of the Month: Bigoted Dickheaded Texan

It’s no secret that I support religious, and non-religious, equality and compassion. Few things in life disturb me like someone who renders an entire religion in bad light just because of a few bad apples in the bunch.  Err, in the bushel I meant to say, of course.  Which is why it agitates me when these damnable Christians do stupid–

Whoops, sorry, almost got ironic there. Where was I? Oh yes, religious intolerance is personally very troubling for me. It is especially troubling when Zionistic Jewish bastards try to control the actions of–

Wow hating an entire group for no reason is surprisingly easy if you just neglect common sense. No wonder Shintoists are such a bunch of incestuous–

That one doesn't even make sense.

That one doesn’t even make sense.

See how silly unmitigated hate against an entire race, creed, color, etc. sounds? That’s why it is so troubling when some anonymous prick put up these signs in a parking lot across the street from a Mosque in Texas:



The consensus seems to be that the owner of the shopping plaza, a Steve Kwon, was probably the one who put the signs up. A worker in the plaza claimed that Kwon was the one to do it. Although Kwon claims it wasn’t him and even tore the signs down, he followed that denial up by saying exactly what the signs said by stating that he plans to have all the people going to the mosque towed; but he did promise to also look out for more signs.

Regardless of who did it, though, is why they did it. Yes, the people going into that mosque shouldn’t take up parking spaces in the parking lot for the shopping plaza across the street; that is an issue that could be dealt with in a similar way, albeit with much more tact. A sign like this would certainly do it…


See? That’s not nearly as bigoted, but gets the same message across. Of course I imagine that a lot of those dirty, parking-space stealing, Muslims go into the shops in the plaza after services. If I were a member of that particular Islamic congregation I would call for a boycott of the shops in the plaza. It shouldn’t take too long to see who supports the local Muslim population when signs saying, “Muslims Welcome!” start popping up in store windows.

So for being an unusually stupid bigot, one stupid enough to plant No Muslim signs across the street from the mosque, you…uhh…Anonymous Bigoted Texan Dickhead, are the September Dick of the Month!


P.S. I’m catching up, slowly, but surely.


Shorty Shorts #13: Thanksmadan?

I was recently reading this article about how Thanksgiving and Hanukkah, an eight-day long Jewish religious celebration, had occurred simultaneously last year.  You see Thanksgiving occurred on the second day of Hannukah in 2013.

The article talked about the pros and cons of such an event.  The main cons are people doing Hanukkah celebrations the following week because their friends have Thanksgiving commitments, or it’s just too much holiday party in one day; those kinds of issues.

The good news is it won’t happen again for over 79,000 years.

But it made me really think about one poor group of people: American Muslims.

An issue, I assure you, more than just a handful of Americans face.

You see, the 9th month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, requires all adult Muslims to fast, that is not eat or drink, from sunrise to sundown.  The Islamic calendar, or Hijiri, does not match day-for-day to our modern Gregorian Calendar, so Ramadan moves around our calendar from year to year.

What about poor American Muslims who have to deal with Ramadan, the same time as Thanksgiving?  Do they have to wait until sundown to start cooking the meal, or can they cook it during the day and just wait until sunset to eat?

The last time it occurred was 2002, and the next time it should occur would be at least 2034 as far as I understand.

Just something weird to think about.


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