Guest Post: Read This!!

Hi everyone!  I’m Mimi, Rich’s wife.

She was *very* convincing.

You may remember me….

I’m trying my hand at this blog thingy since Rich will be working on a game (maybe two) for a contest most of this month.  So I’m going to at least try to help.  This will be just a short, little post about a manga I just read.  I just wanted to let everyone know about it.


It’s called Legal Drug.  It’s pretty awesome.  It has a little bit of everything in it, comedy, drama, romance, some supernatural, and to top it off it has some Yaoi!  Yaoi makes everything better in my opinion.  The Yaoi is mostly implied, but it still counts; I’ll take what I can get.

That’s kind of it.  So, if you’re looking for something good to read that isn’t super long…

That's 29 out of...69.

That’s 29 out of…69.


…give Legal Drug a try.




Yay for reading!

Yay for reading!


Family Fight: Simpsons vs. Griffins

My partner recently asked me a silly question.  She said, “In a fight, who would win…The Simpsons or the Griffins, from Family Guy?”

Now what made it even extra silly was that we sat down and made a tally for the fight to see who would win.  Here’s what we came up with:

First Round: Homer Simpson vs. Peter Griffin

Peter is even stupider than Homer who at least has some measure of critical thinking, even if he lacks education and common sense at times.  Homer also has better physical conditioning than Peter and can jump back up from an injury faster.

Now admittedly, Peter’s fights with the Giant Chicken do show he has some slugging skills, Homer has been seen to take a hell of a beating at times, too.  In the end, it would be a good fight, but we have to give it to Homer.

Winner: Homer Simpson, by Split Decision


Second Round: Marge Simpson vs. Lois Griffin

Here’s a bit more one-sided match.  Marge is relatively timid, compared to Lois, and easily frightened with no discernible fighting capacities.  Lois, on the other hand, has shown some skill and born-talent in unarmed fighting.  We have to give this fight hands down to Lois.

Winner: Lois Griffin, by KO.


Third Round: Bart Simpson vs. Chris Griffin

Bart definitely has the advantage here, coming in with a skateboard to beat Chris around with.  But being fair, we’ll let Chris summon his crazed closet monkey as a tag-partner.  Of course…the monkey hates him, so I guess it would just end up doing more harm to him than help.  In the end Bart is more cunning and ruthless, allowing him to win even with Chris’ superior size and strength over him.  So we give this to Bart.

Winner: Bart Simpson, by Unanimous Decision

Fourth Round: Lisa Simpson vs. Meg Griffin

Meg comes into this with a distinct size advantage; but Lisa has a definite advantage of determination and intellect.  Meg’s greatest asset is her psychotic temper, which instills a fearlessness and impetuous determination within her that just won’t stop.  Unfortunately for her, Lisa’s a quick thinker and would be able to destroy her from the ground up.  Think the fight between Shikamaru and Temari in Naruto, but without Shikamaru giving up.  We’ll give this one to Lisa, but we think it would be a hell of a fight to watch.

Winner: Lisa Simpson, by TKO


Fifth Round: Maggie Simpson vs. Stewie Griffin

This one’s another tough one to really filter through.  On the one hand Maggie is smarter and a more efficient killer than she lets on.  But on the other hand, Stewie is a confirmed murderous psychopath and is totally ruthless.  Even if we account for Maggie’s ambush-style of gun fighting, Stewie would have some trouble at first but would probably eventually come out ahead of things.  We’ll give this one to Stewie, in the end.

Winner: Stewie Griffin, by Unanimous Decision


Sixth Round: Santas Lil Helper and Snowball vs. Brian Griffin

Even if we account for Snowball’s ghostly creepiness and cat-like, err–I guess legitimate cat reflexes and claws, in the end Santas Lil Helper and Snowball are just normal animals, while Brian is a sentient and extremely intelligent dog.  Brian would win easily, especially since Santas Lil Helper would run away with his tail between his legs and Snowball, as a cat, would snub the fight and probably not even show up.  Victory…Brian.

Winner: Brian Griffin, by Forfeiture

Which gives us a bit of trouble, we’re 3 vs. 3.  Homer, Bart, and Lisa against Lois, Stewie, and Brian.  So we’ll bring in the ancillary characters…

We’ll give Family Guy first pick…we’d most likely see Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland.

The Simpsons could counter with Flanders, Moe, and Barney.

Final Round, Battle Royal:

Flanders, Moe, and Barney vs. Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland

Flanders and Joe are the title match of this fight so we’ll address the under card fighters for this thing, first.  Barney and Cleveland are both too timid to engage in the fighting.  We’ve seen them both go off the deep end once or twice to about the same extent, so I’d declare this one a tie.  Moe and Quagmire, however, are a totally different story.  Quagmire has the determination, but not the underhanded debauchery of Moe.  Moe would undoubtedly bring his shotgun with him, winning the match…but also disqualifying himself.  We’ll call it a no-point.

And that brings us to the title match for the night…Ned Flanders vs. Joe Swanson.  Joe’s got powerful arms and a temper, but no legs, at least none that work.  Ned is mild-mannered, but in top physical shape.  This one would quite possibly be the wildest fight.  Ned’s mild-mannered, but as we’ve seen in an episode or two has a breaking point where he becomes a real psycho.  I think Joe would work him over pretty hard in the opening rounds, but Ned would eventually come through and win it, albeit narrowly.

That gives us a final score, not counting the two draws of Simpsons: 4, Griffins: 3.

Victory Simpsons!


You Are Not Special

A big problem I have with current parenting techniques, the co-called PC Parenting (as in Politically Correct Parenting), where parents tell their child they are special, they are capable of everything, and they can be anything they want to be, no matter what.

These people read a few too many fairy tales in their childhood, I imagine.  Every person in the world is limited by a number of circumstances, from their personal capabilities to their environmental capabilities.

Personal circumstances might be…wealth, physical or mental handicap, or talent.

For instance if you are a paraplegic…you will never be an Olympic hurdler, that’s simply a fact.  I’ve been a fan of the anime Naruto for a long time and talent vs. training is a major motif of the series.  There are two major instances of this motif: Uzumaki Naruto and Uchiha Sasuke; and Hyuuga Neiji and Rock Lee.

Neiji is a member of a wealthy family and is probably the strongest and most talented member of the family.  Lee is probably relatively poor, his parents are never shown, and he is completely talentless.  He has spent his whole life practicing and training, but Neiji defeats every time they spar, with ease.

Similarly with Naruto and Sasuke…they are both orphans, but Sasuke is incredibly talented.  He’s good at everything he does.  Naruto, however, has no talent and is a bit of a slacker; although he eventually develops a good work ethic and studies and trains very hard.  But here’s the thing…Naruto has a limitless supply of chakra, or energy.  Sasuke is a better fighter, he’s a better tactician, he’s a smarter person, and a faster learner; but Naruto just throws his strongest techniques at him until Sasuke is too weak to go on and Naruto wins.

Neiji and Lee are a good lesson in talent vs. no talent.  If you don’t have any talent, you probably won’t ever be as good as the talented person beside you.  Now yes, if Lee trains hard and Neiji doesn’t train at all, then Lee will eventually overcome this lack of talent.  But if Neiji trains the same amount as Lee, then he will never catch up to Neiji.

I use my own experience to prove this.  I have 22 years experience in Martial Arts.  At the Dojo where I used to train (and teach at times) there was a prodigy kid who trained there.  In two and a half years’ time he got his Black Belt, and he deserved it.  He was the U.S. Grand Champion in weaponry a few years ago.  He achieved this by using a weapon he had picked up two weeks before the first tournament.

I trained for ten years with a sword (a Katana) and came in second in a state-wide competition…he trained for two weeks with Japanese sickles (called Kama) and came in first in the nation.

When I was still in shape and competing I trained constantly…during my breaks at work, at the dojo, at home, on the phone, almost all the time.  This kid trained a lot, too, but a lot less than I did.

In sparring matches he bested me 3/5 times on average, slightly better than half.  I had him beat on size, strength, and experience.  He beat me in point sparring, full-contact sparring, ground-fighting, katas/patterns, and weapons (with our respective weapons, I used a sword he used kamas).

Because he had an innate talent in martial arts he was able to surpass me in 1/20th the time I had spent training.  No matter how much I trained, how much experience I had, or how hard I tried…he was always better than me and was always getting better faster than I was.

Environmental circumstances might be location, demand, or supply.  For instance you probably won’t succeed at cactus farming in Montreal, Canada.  New Mexico, maybe, but not Montreal.

That’s why I like this graduation speech.  This guy is practical, funny, and honest.  Remember recent graduates, future graduations, and past graduations…there are 37,000 high school sin the U.S.  That’s 37,000 valedictorians, 37,000 class presidents, and a whole lot of ‘unique’ and ‘special’ people who aren’t unique or special at all.

This is an English teacher from Wellesley High, near Boston, David McCullough Jr.  You can watch the video of his speech on Yahoo!.


Introducing: Dick Lee

Recently I commissioned one of my favorite artists to design and draw our new site mascot.  Her name’s Kim Samson and she drew my first anniversary gift to my fiancé.  It was a great picture and was for a really nice price.

Needless to say when I thought of getting a mascot drawn, Kim was the first name on my list.  She’s got great prices, does a great job, and is willing to draw naked things.  The perfect artist for a commission that read something to the effect of, “I need you to draw an anthropomorphic penis in a karate gi.”

Here he is…

Dick Lee

I shall name him: Dick Lee

Such a great job, I was amazed when she sent me the finished version.  I was amazed at the sketch and the first color copy, too, actually.

If you want to see more of Kim’s work, I highly suggest giving her website,, a gander.  She also draws a webcomic, Maq #041.

I’ve known of Kim for about 5 years, if not more, and I think I’ve been reading the comic since Chapter 2.  I finally met Kim, in person, about two years ago at Pittsburgh’s Tekkoshocon anime convention.  She’s a bright young lady full of vigor to match her artistic capabilities.

Here’s a funny anecdote involving Kim (and proving I’m weak in conversational transitions):

Last year at Tekkoshocon she had a bunch of artwork that she was selling, as usual, but they were pieces she was phasing out.  This would be the last time to buy them.  So my fiancé and I jumped at the chance to pick up some discontinued merchandise.

We bought a picture of Rock Lee (from the anime Naruto) in Orioke no Jutsu/Sexy Technique form, a cool mermaid picture, one of her drunken sailor moon pictures, and a trio of zodiac stickers.  The mermaid and sailor moon pictures were 5x7s and the stickers were small, but the Rock Lee pic was a full-size 8.5×11.  We spent the rest of the day at the convention, had fun, drove home around 2 in the morning.  Went back to the convention for a few hours the next day and roamed through the last few panels we were interested in, then went home.  We were home for about an hour that day before we both looked at each other and groaned, “Why didn’t we get Kim to personally autograph everything for us?”

So I have since warned Kim that she’ll be glomped with sharpies if she dares to come back to Tekko this coming year.

Anyway, I highly suggest considering Kim if you want some artwork done.  And keep in mind, as great as Dick Lee is…it’s only half as good as the picture she made for my anniversary gift to my fiancé last year.  So she can actually make even cooler stuff than that.


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