I absolutely love Halloween!  It’s been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember.  Everything about it is amazing: The dressing up, the decorating, and the candy!  I hope everyone can enjoy this holiday as much as I do!


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 5


I’m kinda running out of ideas for unclaimed weeks (if you haven’t already noticed).  So, I’m a tree now.

Rich doesn’t need a holiday to talk about all that stuff.  He can turn any conversation into some sort of history lesson.

Stuffed animals are a lot easier to take care of than real animals.

We didn’t actually carve any pumpkins this year.  A lot of stuff going on and I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

But what about Halloween you say?  How could I forget Halloween you ask?  Oh, just you wait, I could never forget about Halloween.


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 4


I guess the lack of an idea can give you one too.

Rich really is super sweet.  And no, he didn’t pay me to say that.

That’s my kind of holiday, we didn’t have to do a thing!

Yeah, neither one of us are really good in the kitchen, so we just buy our pumpkin cheesecake.


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 3


Rich doesn’t make that much of mess when walks through the house, but it’s still silly when he can just walk around the side of the house on the walkway.

Tag is such a fun and easy game.

Fire prevention?  Not off to a good start by the looks of it.

Hey, humans can’t be the only skeptics around, right?


DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 2


I don’t think I could ever actually work in customer service.  Maybe if I could zap stupid people through the phone…

My first car was an awesome ’92 Toyota Camry.  It was a really nice shade of purple that I had never seen on a car.  It was so nice and ran so well, I miss it so much!  I was at work one day and a coworker saw my car and called it “The Purple People Eater” and I thought it was funny and it just stuck.

Rich and I actually prefer to go to the park or just go for a walk rather than going to the movies or parties or stuff like that.  So that’s really most days for us.

Only Rich could take something so innocent as reading to the children and turn it pervy.  Although, I would hope that Rich wouldn’t try this, but he can be quite shameless…