Shorty Shorts #12: Pikachu de Gallo

We were at our local Denny’s Restaurant last night, where we like to frequent because the food is good, the prices are decent, and the service is pretty damn good.  So needless to say I was feeling in a salad mood and I got a Grilled Chicken Salad.  My fiancé was in a Chicken Sandwich mood so she got their Grilled Chicken Avocado Sandwich, but she doesn’t like the Avocado or Pico de Gallo that comes on it.

Sadly for her, she can’t pronounce Pico de Gallo properly, she always winds up stumbling over the Spanish somehow.  So she’s grown fond of telling our usual waiter, “I’ll take the Chicken Avocado Sandwich, no avocado and no Pico de…pico…no Pikachu.”

Lo and behold when Keith, our waiter, returned with our food he put down my salad and my dressing, then placed her sandwich down, and finally sat down a bowl with a Pikachu key ring fob on it and exclaimed, “Oh shoot, I specifically told them no Pikachu!”



Needless to say we gave him a 30% tip that night.


Tekkoshocon X Review: Day 2


We stopped to grab a quick breakfast and wound getting into the convention a little late, so we entered the Warriors of Romance of the Three Kingdoms panel a little late.  The guy running the panel had a rudimentary knowledge of the era and the characters involved, but he clearly was in over his head.  One thing that irked me was that he kept getting Liu Biao and Tao Qian confused.  But otherwise it was an interesting panel.

Then we went to a Voice Acting for Video Games panel run by Travis Willingham.  That man is frickin’ hilarious!  I loved his story about his X-Box live gamertag being revoked by Microsoft.  He does the voice of Roy Mustang for those who are fans of the Fullmetal Alchemist series.

We hopped in line for the Uncle Yo stand up, the first time we’d gotten to use our Premium Badges, for anything.  They cost an extra $30 apiece and we got them because last year, people with premium badges got placed at the head of the line before almost every panel we went to.  We were now into the second day of the con and this was the first time our premium badges had gotten us anything except a complimentary shirt.

Then we went to a panel about the Japanese language during the Heian Period.  It was filled with information and the guy was really interesting and funny in a scholarly sort of way.  I felt bad that I had trouble staying awake, but I’d had little sleep and the room his panel was in was the perfect temperature for a nap.  I managed to keep awake, but barely; even so it was an interesting and informative panel.

At that point it was time for a dinner break.  We hit the same place we went to the day before: The Sharp Edge.  It’s basically a gourmet burger joint and bar, but the BBQ wing bites are pretty good and the Belgian Chocolate Pudding is the most delicious dessert I’ve ever eaten.

When we came back from dinner we hit up the panel for Travis Willingham’s Shelf Life.  It’s basically four voice actors who got together and made a series of short comedy videos.  Actually that’s exactly what it is.  And it’s pretty funny, too; which makes sense, Travis Willingham is in it.

We finished out the night crammed in a tiny room playing Yaoi bingo, at my fiance’s demand of course.  I won my fiance a manga, but she won the grand prize of the night: A Stuffed Pikachu.  It was a fairly fun debacle, however it was supposed to be 2 hours of bingo in a room built for 200 people.  Instead the woman who ran the panel split the group up into two halves and each half got to play for an hour in a room that maxed out at 30 people.  The Tekko staff kind of dropped the bomb on that one, especially considering how popular Yaoi-related panels are at these cons.

Anywho, that was Friday.  We roamed about looking at some cosplayers and then went home and went to bed for some much-needed sleep.