Shorty Shorts #12: Pikachu de Gallo

We were at our local Denny’s Restaurant last night, where we like to frequent because the food is good, the prices are decent, and the service is pretty damn good.  So needless to say I was feeling in a salad mood and I got a Grilled Chicken Salad.  My fiancé was in a Chicken Sandwich mood so she got their Grilled Chicken Avocado Sandwich, but she doesn’t like the Avocado or Pico de Gallo that comes on it.

Sadly for her, she can’t pronounce Pico de Gallo properly, she always winds up stumbling over the Spanish somehow.  So she’s grown fond of telling our usual waiter, “I’ll take the Chicken Avocado Sandwich, no avocado and no Pico de…pico…no Pikachu.”

Lo and behold when Keith, our waiter, returned with our food he put down my salad and my dressing, then placed her sandwich down, and finally sat down a bowl with a Pikachu key ring fob on it and exclaimed, “Oh shoot, I specifically told them no Pikachu!”



Needless to say we gave him a 30% tip that night.


Photopost: Gaming Related

Since it’s Friday and I’ve been shirking lately, here’s a slew of pictures of a relatively unpolitical nature.  Relatively…


I’ve been away from my gaming roots for too long, so here’s some gaming photos.

Where’s the obnoxious dog?

Ladies, if you have trouble with your man in the foreplay arena try this shirt on for size and see how quickly he gets a grip on things.

I call next!

I’ll admit I’ve never played any of the Pokemon games, myself.  But if you can get over the children’s cartoon and actually look at the premise of the games, it doesn’t sound so bad.  Think about it.  Pokemon is a game about enslaving monsters and forcing them to fight to the death in your name…

Suddenly sounds cool, right?

The epic battle between gamer child and non-gamer parent!

You’ve no idea how many times I tried to get this through my own mother’s head as a child…err, a teen…err, okay she still doesn’t get it.

And in honor of the somewhat recent release of the latest Mortal Kombat game…


Turn Me On Parody

For this of you who haven’t heard David Guetta and Nicki Minaj’s song Turn Me On, I highly suggest it if you’re into that kind of music.  That being said there is a Pokemon parody out there and I think that if they’re going to keep making crappy Pokemon cartoons, they should use this as the opening so that it is at least somewhat bearable in even the slightest sense.

And this is the original video…which is even stranger than the parody, if you can believe that.


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