Tripping Up For Real

I’ve never been a big fan of reality T.V., especially since it’s all a lie, anyway.  From the numerous reports about how most of them are scripted and planned out, anyway, to the fact that some of them are just plain farsical.

I never liked them, way back when Survivor first started the whole reality show genre.  It was about a bunch of frumpy folks living on an island with a medical crew to bandage their wounds, with a resort hotel on the other side of a mountain from them.  Yeah…real hard conditions.

I’ve read about how the Biggest Loser contestants actually know their weight before they go up to the ‘scales’ which is actually a cattle scale which isn’t even plugged in and a screen behind them shows their weight.  They then react to it…

And then the director yells cut and they clear the screen…then bring the number back on the screen and the contestant reacts again.  And so on until they get a good mix of reactions and can decide which one to use in the editing room.  Not to mention they don’t lose weight in nearly as short a time as they claim.

I’ve read about the show House Hunters in which a couple looks at three different houses and must decide which one they want.  But it turns out to even apply for the show you must already have a house picked out and be in the process of closing on the house.  By the time it’s filmed, you actually are the owner of the chosen house.

One woman even said that they didn’t even have two other houses on the market, they just filmed at their friends’ houses which weren’t even up for sale.

You can usually tell the more ‘real’ reality T.V. shows, because they’re the ones who have lots of lawsuits about them.  Jersey Shore’s first season was really about a bunch of talentless drunken pricks and bitches getting into bar fights.

And now we have Bristol Palin, the poster child of why Abstinence-only sex education is not a good idea, who has her own reality T.V. show called, Bristol Palin: Life’s a Tripp.

Ha-ha!  Life’s a Tripp?  Get it, because her and her mother named the poor kid Tripp.

“Hey, why’d your mom name your Tripp?”

“’Cause Mommy says my birth tripped up gramma’s campaign for president.”

“Wasn’t she running for Vice-President?”

“If Uncle Dick can have a hunting accident with his friends, gramma can, too!”


So I love this story, where Bristol Palin filmed a segment of her show in a bar chastising a guy for what another person said by calling him Gay for not agreeing with Sarah Palin’s views.  That’s right…Bristol Palin thinks all Democrats look gay and are gay.

Well…turns out they forgot to get his permission to film it.  So now he’s suing for defamation of character, invasion of privacy, emotional distress, and a few other things.  He also wants a trial by jury for it, too.

In other words, he’s going to get at least a few hundred thousand dollars in the out-of-court settlement.

Not a bad plan, quite frankly.  Shut Bristol Palin up and get a few hundred thou?  Where do I sign up?