Good News From Iowa

In case you aren’t aware, the Iowa Caucus had brought the country a lot of good news.  Michelle Bachman has dropped out of the race.  I don’t like Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, or Rick Perry…well, let me rephrase that.  I don’t like Rick Perry’s political views or his religious views, but I have to admit that he seems like a nice guy to hang out with.  In other words…Rick Perry is the new George Dubya Bush: Bad politics and beliefs, but good guy, personally.  Mitt Romney would be a nice guy to hang out, like at the billionaire country club or private ski resort or something.  And I legitimately don’t like Newt Gingrich, as a person; he’s a scoundrel who should have been knifed by his first wife.

Anyway, politically I don’t agree with Romney, Gingrich, or Perry.  Honestly I don’t agree 100% with Ron Paul, either.  But Michelle Bachman was legitimately dangerous to the nation.  I know that she, and others, called Ron Paul dangerous…but all he may have done was bring us into a war with Iran.

I said a couple weeks ago that I like Ron Paul because he walks out, looks you in the eye, and admits he’s bat-shit crazy.  I don’t care that he’s bat-shit crazy enough to get rid of income taxes, or ignore Iran’s nuclear program, or pull troops out of South Korea.  He knows it sounds bat-shit crazy and that’s the angle he’s going for.

But Michelle Bachman was one-hundred times more dangerous because she was twice as bat-shit crazy as Ron Paul and what’s worse…she didn’t know it!  She thought she made sense and her own little universe, she did.

Incriminating conversations that never happened were real, in her head.  She told CNN newscasters, on numerous occasions, that polls didn’t matter; especially not the latest most-accurate poll.  Then in the next sentence she’d say that she was destined to win, because a poll from 4 months earlier had her in first place; even though it was the last time she was in first place.

She was deranged and a raving lunatic, quite frankly, and I am glad that she got out of the race.  My only fear now is that Mitt Romney will win the nomination and bring Bachman in as V.P. to get the votes of the Women, Evangelicals, and Tea Partiers.  It’s a sensible strategy…if you ignore the fact that Michelle Bachman is nuclear-strength bat-shit fanatically deranged.

At least Sarah Palin was harmlessly ignorant.  Bachman is dangerously ignorant.  I’m a little afraid that she’s actually on the Congressional National Defense Committee; to be honest.

But the good news is that she’s out of the race, at least for now.  So we can rest for a moment and prepare for Romney to make a bad decision when he, unfortunately and inevitably, wins the nomination.

Now one quick thing about the Iowa runner-up Rick Santorum: As a fellow Pennsylvanian I know first-hand how terrible he’d do as the President.  Here’s hoping that he’ll fall flat within the next few months.  I’d rather see his archnemesis, Dan Savage, win the Presidency.


Ron Paul For…Real?

Sorry for the late-night update, instead of my usual morning updates.  I figured I’d give you folks something now, rather than tomorrow morning.

With the rising of Ron Paul’s poll numbers I feel it time to speak about Ron Paul.  But first let me talk about my feelings on the GOP candidates as a whole: I never liked Mitt Romney, Rick Perry, Newt Gingrich, or Michelle Bachman; at least not as a Presidential candidate.  I have to admit that Mitt Romney and Rick Perry seem like great guys to hang out with, especially Perry, but I don’t like them to run my country.

I did like Herman Cain because he was trying to do something different; I’m not sure if it would have worked, but it was something different.  And different is what we need.

Now before I go too much further, let me add that I voted for John McCain in the last election.  If for no other reason than because I wanted him for the past two elections and they kept giving me Dubya.  And yes, I supported Dubya…mostly because I couldn’t stand his competition.  Gore was a hypocritical profiteer and Kerry was a horse-faced liar who couldn’t even keep his lies about his service in Vietnam straight.

That being said I would have voted for the Republican even if they hadn’t finally run McCain, because I never liked Obama.  If they had run Hillary, instead…now we’re considering possibilities.  I liked Clinton, he may have been a philanderer but he was a pretty good president.

I often agree with pivotal Democrat policies and ideologies, but I generally favor Republican candidates for President.  I like to refer to myself as somewhere in the glorious, sensible Middle.

Now with all that out of the way, let’s finally talk about Ron Paul.  I like Ron Paul…I liked him last time, I liked him the time before…I’ve liked him ever since I saw him on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno a few elections back.

Why do I like Ron Paul?

We’ve had a lot of bat-shit crazy candidates, a few bat-shit crazy presidents, too.  But they all come out saying, “Look; I’m sane, I’m sensible, I’m going to do things in a progressive, but moderated manner.  Vote for me.”

Not Ron Paul, no sir!  Ron Paul walks out, shakes your hand, says, “Hi, I’m Ron Paul and I’m bat shit crazy.  Vote for me.”

And I like that.  Even if I don’t agree with Ron Paul’s views, I just like the honesty of his approach.  He doesn’t flip-flop for votes, he’s a steady constant bat shit crazy; he doesn’t pander, he just tells you what his bat shit crazy ideas are and how they will benefit you; and he doesn’t wag about like he’s entitled to the presidency, he just asks you to exercise your right to put his crazy ass in the Oval Office.

Add in the fact that I like a lot of his ideas, and I’d argue you have my chosen candidate.

How crazy is he…?

Long before Rick Perry or Herman Cain made a big deal about Flat Taxes, Ron Paul was talking about them.  Over a decade ago, I’d reckon.  So he’s progressive, right?  But what makes that idea so crazy?  Simple.  Herman Cain wanted a 9% flat tax rate (plus 9% Sales tax, so closer 18%), Rick Perry wanted 20%, but Ron Paul wants 0% income tax.

Now I’m not going to lie…that benefits a rich person more than me.  Because he pays 17% tax on a million dollars of income (I wish I could get those millionaire deductions!) and I pay 15% on about 30 thousand dollars of income between my fiancé and me.

Sure he saves $173,000 in taxes and I only save $4,500.  But you know what?  I could really use that extra $4,500 a year.  If I made a million dollars, I wouldn’t care much about one or two hundred thousand!

If we can believe the Republicans that the wealthy create jobs when they have excess money, then the millionaire can hire 5 of my wife and I each year with what he’ll save.  And my wife and I can finally buy ourselves a house to help with the flaccid housing market.

So I’m voting for Ron Paul, even if he doesn’t get the nomination.  I’ll vote write-in if I have to.  I’m not so naïve to believe he could actually accomplish this, because Congress would never allow it…but I’d like to see someone try.  Someone who’s not going to give all my taxes to banks and businesses that are just going to turn around and overcharge me with fees or raised prices.


Edit: For honesty’s sake I edited this post…somewhere along the lines I made a typo and used a 2 instead of a 1, which fudged all my numbers after that point.  I have since fixed that issue.

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