Dick of the Month: Rush Limbaugh

Has anyone heard about Rush Limbaugh’s misogynistic and inflammatory commentary?  No, no, not in general, I mean the particular comments he made at the start of the month about law student Sandra Fluke?  He called Ms. Fluke a slut, because she wants taxpayers to pay her money to have sex.  The problem with that?  That’s not what she wants, at all.

She wants employers to have to supply contraceptive coverage in their insurance programs.  This costs taxpayers nothing and it, really, has nothing to do with sex.  My fiancé has used birth control pills since she was in her early teens, years before she had anything to do with sex.  Why, you ask?  Because the estrogen and progesterin supplements the pills are comprised of helped to decrease the amount bleeding on her periods; instead of a bucket she had a cup.  It also decreased the severity of her menstrual cramps, causing significant pain relief for her.

Ms. Fluke has said that in her area contraceptives can cost over $3,000 a year.  I know my fiancé spends about $240 in birth-control pills alone, each year (thanks to Planned Parenthood’s low-income prices).  If you want to throw condoms into that mix, the cheapest (and therefore crappiest) brand at the local CVS store costs $1.30 a piece.  If you have sex once a week that’ll add on $67.60 a year.

So if you are in a healthy relationship and don’t want children, taking into account Dr. Oz’s advice that you should make love 3 times a week to keep the relationship healthy; that’ll actually add $202.80 a year for condoms.  Now, if you have a lubrication problem you can add on another .25 per achievement of intercourse to that, adding on another $39.

So all in all a low-income woman could have a healthy relationship for about $346.60.  My fiancé made $8,000 a year, last year.  That’s 4% of her income in contraceptions; that’s almost as much as I spend in gasoline a year, just to get to work.  And that’s thanks to Planned Parenthood and it’s providing low or no-cost birth control to low-income women.

Now let’s let the Republicans win the debate and defund Planned Parenthood, let’s get rid of the organization, entirely.  Now it costs $150 a week for birth control pills.  So now the woman who only makes $8,000 a year has to pay $7906.60.  Which leaves her with $93.40 to pay rent, bills, tuition, car insurance and fuel costs to get to work, etc.

So a woman in a long-term relationship, or even one that is not, should have to pay between 3 and 8 thousand dollars a year under the Republican ideology?  Well that’s what Rush Limbaugh is saying.  He’s saying that if you have sex, you are a whore.  So all four of Rush Limbaugh’s wives are whores, because they’ve all had sex with Limbaugh.  As a matter of fact, Rush Limbaugh is a slut, too!

Anyone who has sex is a slut and will cost the taxpayers millions of dollars!  I don’t know why, but Rush says it, so it must be true, right?

Anyone who listens to the drivel spat by this retard deserves to have their right to vote redacted, quite frankly.

You know you’re overly misogynistic when you make a comment about women and Rick Santorum says, ‘Woah, too far buddy, too far.

So, the ability to make Rick Santorum say that women should be treated better?  That earns Rush Limbaugh his first spot (probably won’t be his last, I imagine) spot on Dick of the Month.

TekkoshoCon X and Youtube!

Attention folks, today begins the Tekkoshocon Anime Convention in Pittsburgh, PA.  I will be attending, so my updating may be haphazard.

To make up for it, my fiance and I have finally gotten our Youtube channel up and operating.  Only one video on it so far, but we’ll have more eventually.


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