Still Alive… I think.

Okaaay, so I know I haven’t posted anything in while. But it was for at least somewhat of a good reason. First I had some kind of weird stomach issue for a good few days and kinda just felt like this…




But I was also working on some other stuff too. Like this…



I’m going to try to make more Avon videos like this. Hopefully I’ll get better with this whole camera thing soon, because I really suck at it. But the more I do it the more I’ll get used to it so I won’t suck nearly as bad.


Avon: Campaign 16

Sorry for missing the campaign 15 video and for the campaign 16 being so late.  Most of June was spent helping my husband make two computer games for a contest that unfortunately we missed the deadline for.   So we ended up putting any free time into those games and lost track of time.  Sorry.


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