Shorty Shorts #14

You folks deserve more than just an SS post, but I’ll have big news for you in a couple of days to make up for it.

Anyway, I was driving to work yesterday and saw something fairly interesting.  There was a school bus behind me.  That’s not particularly interesting, I admit, but what was interesting was the bus driver.  She was smoking.

Funny.  But not appropriate on a school bus.

Funny. But not appropriate on a school bus.

I couldn’t see for sure if there were children on the bus or not, but even if there weren’t…

Really?  Smoking on a school bus?  That shit should be a fire able offense.  What the hell do people think nowadays?



Labor Pains

Somehow I managed to get Labor Day off this year (that’s a rarity in my industry, on account of how criminals don’t generally take the holidays off).  I just want you all to know that I am still alive, I have just been incredibly busy, hence why the Otakon review is not up, yet.  I’m still writing it.  I hope to catch up a bit on this here Labor Day, but catching up is such a pain…

That whole line was just to set up this joke.

That whole line was just to set up this joke.

As soon as I can actually get some time to do things besides fixing our new house (Living Room, Dining Room, Closet, and Kitchen are done…only have to do the office, bedroom, basement, attic, and the entire freakin’ outside!!) I hope to get caught up on the DotM posts, get the Otakon review up, and at least preview, if not outright release, our new feature (secret-y stuff, shh!).

In the meantime here’s a short photopost about Labor Day.

Le Gasp!!

Le Gasp!!


Wait, what?  I told you it was a short photopost.  Not good enough?  Okay…how about a Labor Day rant, since I haven’t gone all political on your asses in a while.

Labor Day is a celebration of the hard-working masses who propel this country toward prosperity, no matter how many bankers, board members, politicians, lawyers, and other classification of criminals work against them.  So why is it that the lowest-tiered jobs are actually the ones who don’t get the day off?  Look around, travel a bit, and you’ll find a (less-than-) dedicated crew of low-class workers.  For instance take a look at the common grocery store today.  While you’re away on a Labor Day vacation the Janitors, Security Guards, Cashiers, Stockers, and food preparers are still working.  In the average office building you’ll see much the same, guards and janitors sitting around BSing because there’s not much to do since nobody else showed up to do any real work.

But who always gets the day off?  Bankers, politicians, lawyers, and board members…the same kinds of people who cause all the problems and treat the low-class workers like shit the whole rest of the year.  The one day dedicated to the common worker…and these assholes make the common worker work like a common day, then take a Monday off to get drunk and bitch about how they only made $2 million in bonuses last year, instead of the normal $4 million.

Reminds me of when I got out of the service, moved a hundred miles out of the jobless countryside I was born in, and got a job in a factory just outside of Pittsburgh.  Let me remind you that the President of the Company used the company’s accounts to finance his house, his car, his wife’s car, his daughter’s car, and they fired a salesman so that they could give the company car to his younger daughter (who was only 15 at the time).  We had a crew of 13 guys working in 100 degree weather inside an old building that was poorly maintained, had poor ventilation, improper storage areas for dangerous/explosive/corrosive/deadly chemicals, and no air conditioning.  There were four AC units in the whole building…1 in the President’s office, 1 in the President’s secretary’s office (his aforementioned wife, of course), one in the Accountant’s office, and one in the back of the Plant Manager’s office that actually did more to cool the hallways between the offices of the President, Secretary, and Accountant than cool the PM’s office (where we would sit to get new orders).

So there we are, 13 guys all getting paid $22,000 a year, each.  The President came into the Plant Manager’s office and whined that he had to cut his own pay down to $125,000 a year.  Yes, he paid himself $100,000+ more than each of his regular employees, every year…and that was after cutting his own pay.  Keep in mind he wasn’t some genius entrepreneur or something…his father-in-law founded the company fifty years ago and this guy married the eldest daughter and jointly inherited 51% stock in the company through the marriage.  He wanted the PM to put more pressure on us to start working off the clock to get more things done; yeah, he wanted the 22 grand a year workers to work off-the-clock so he could raise his own pay back up to normal.  Keep in mind the guy was there twice a week, and the rest of the week he was coaching the local school’s softball team, playing golf, running for school board, or just sitting around at home watching the gardeners mow his lawn.

On Labor Day he should be working the floor while the regular workers are at home celebrating, certainly not the other way around.


Okay, one more funny one…


Anti-Muslim High Schools in America

I was thinking just the other day, about the lessons learned in my High School days.  And I realized…American schools are incredibly anti-Islamic; also incredibly subtle.  I come from a relatively conservative religious community, my school was 100% white (my entire High School had one black kid in it, no Asians, and the handful of Jews that tried to blend in).  So we learned a very Euro-Christian history.  But my fiancé comes from a more racially varied school system with blacks, Asians, and even an African exchange student.  The only exchange student my school had was Swedish…a Catholic Nord.

Both schools still incredibly anti-Islamic.

For instance let’s look at the Crusades.  In World History we studied the Crusades over the course of one week.  Yes, all nine of them in a week.  The main things we touched on were that the Muslims were attacking the Byzantine Empire and they asked for help from the western European countries.

So the Crusaders marched southeast and fought against the Muslims to recapture the Holy Land of Jerusalem and the surrounding regions of Edessa, Tripoli, and Antioch.

We also talked to some length about the 3rd Crusade where the Muslims captured Jerusalem and the Kings of England, France, and Germany heroically marched out to retake it.

We skipped over the fact that during the first Crusade the Western European crusaders massacred entire cities of civilians and cannibalized their dead comrades.

Standard crusader attire, I’m sure.

We also skipped over the fact that the third crusade was fraught with infighting and politicking and resulted in little more than capturing the city of Tyre and the port of Jaffa.

We kind of also ignored the crusades against the other Christians such as the Fourth Crusade where the Western Catholics sacked the Eastern Orthodox Byzantine Empire (who had called for the first crusade and later allied with the Muslims during the third crusade) and the Teutonic Crusades against the Northern Orthodox countries of Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, etc.

Then I also remembered that my fiancé spent three weeks reading the Song of Roland; an epic poem that was basically written as Anti-Muslim/Pro-French propaganda in the 12th century.  Song of Roland is a horribly inaccurate and anachronistic story about the glory of Sir Roland, an earnest and gallant knight of the French king, Charlemagne fighting against the Muslim Saracens invading from Africa and moving up through the Moorish regions north toward France.

Here’s the biggest problem, aside from the fact that Roland is a complete idiot and a horrible military commander: Charlemagne didn’t fight against the Muslims, he fought against the Basque people.  As a matter of fact, Charlemagne lived only a century after the faith of Islam was founded by Mohammed.

I can see where you might confuse Basque with Arab…they look so alike.

The Basque, possibly of Celtic origins, were a native people pushed out of Europe by the Indo-European peoples.  The writer also has no idea what the Muslims are, claiming they are pagans who pray to Apollo, the Greek god of the Sun, when in truth Islam is one of the three Abrahamic religions, along with Judaism and Christianity.

The story ends with Charlemagne narrowly defeating the Emir of Babylon in a duel, only thanks to divine intervention, and besieging and capturing the ‘Saracen’ capital city of Saragossa.  The heroic and noble French then burn down all the Jewish and Muslim temples and mosques, destroy any non-Christian religious items, and force the entire city to convert to Catholicism under threat of massacre.  With one exception; the Saracen Queen Bramimonde, whom Charlemagne decides he will take as a concubine and make her convert through love.  In other words…he plans to rape the Christ into her.

After nearly forgiving the traitor who caused all of the strife in the story, a nerdy knight is pitted against a behemoth warrior to decide the traitor’s fate and, again with divine intervention, the nerdy bastard wins a duel.  The traitor and 30 of his closest family members are executed, the traitor himself in a rather gruesome way.

Good Christian forgiveness.


BTW, the story is also possibly the oldest written story involving successful use of the Stockholm Syndrome because the story ends with Bramimonde converting to Christianity in Charlemagne’s presence.  Remember…if you can’t win them over, lock them away and rape them; it’s the French way!

Akian’s Bullies Were Teachers

Ladies and gentleman, as you may well know there are good people out there in the world.  There are, I have a firm belief in that.  But there are also people out there who are cruel, inhumane, and deserve to be dragged into the street and beaten with sticks.

If you have about 17 minutes to spare, my words cannot do justice to this story, not as well as the raw audio and the father’s own words.

Here’s my synopsis: Kid with Autism (named Akian) starts school and begins exhibiting signs of violence.  Not while at home…only when at school.  A year and a half after this, his father finally puts a wire on his son and sends him to school.

Here’s the video…

First of all…Kudos to Stu.  He is an idiot for not suing, I won’t cut any corners about that.  He needs to sue and demand the termination or resignation of all the people who were in that room that day.  He needs to demand criminal charges be brought against the people in the room.  He needs to demand the de-certification of everyone in that room.  He needs to sue the universities that these women got their degrees from, because they apparently didn’t teach these women well.  He and he needs to do all this without accepting a large cash settlement.  Take the school to court and make it public.  Bend that school board over a desk and shove a whole book’s worth of legal papers up their collective rectums and don’t stop until they cry as hard and as much as poor Akian did.

But aside from Stu’s silliness in not filing charges or suing, I do have to give him kudos.  If Akian were my kid, I’d have walked into that classroom and dragged that teacher, and as many of her cronies as I could hold on to, out of that classroom and paraded them up and down the halls of that school until they cried as much as Akian did.

But I’m an overtly vengeful person, too, so I guess that kind of makes sense.  Honestly I’d have probably tracked these bitches down and vandalized their homes and physically assaulted them all, then vandalized and assaulted all of the school administrators and the members of the school board if they just tried to sweep this shit under the rug like they did.

So here’s my goals, which are impossible to attain I admit, but I’ll shoot for them anyway.  Create a big enough stink to get all the teachers and aides that were in that room fired or forced to resign.  Get the Principal, Vice Principal, and Superintendent to resign or be fired.  And get anyone on the school board who votes against firing or forcing he resignation of these asshats to either resign or be considered unvotable by the locals in that area.

Big goals, but what the hell; worth it, I think.


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