DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 5


Yay!  I got my own YouTube channel!

Fall is my all time favorite season.  There are so many reasons why it’s my favorite: Like how it’s so beautiful, all the fall scents and flavors, and of course the holidays!  Oh, yeah, and my birthday is in September, and I guess that’s kind of nice, too… when I remember it.


Neither Rich nor I really like the taste of booze, so the beer part of Oktoberfest doesn’t really appeal to us.  But the food; now that’s something we both love.


DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 4


For anyone who doesn’t remember (like myself, apparently), I got my hair cut recently and totally forgot to change my comic character.  So, yay for eventually remembering stuff!

I wish I could make something that cute.

Arrrr, sounds like it be a fun day, Maties!

Pssht!  How could fruit punch ever possibly be more fun than getting punched?


DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 3


It’s only like two weeks late, but who’s really counting.

If you have any interest in samurai history then you really should check out Samurai Gaiden.  Rich has told me most of these stories probably about a hundred times each, but he still makes it interesting.

Any bigger and you’ll start confusing the teddy bear for a real bear.

The ideas flow like crazy… until you actually need them.

Doesn’t matter what color the kitty is, I’ll still try to pet it.