DJ Comic: March Holidays Part 4


Hell yeah!  Four panels got accepted for Tekko!  I’m super nervecited and I’m not even the one running the panels!

I guess I could let Rich have one day to himself.  Just one though.

Well, at least I look good with green hair.


Shorty Shorts #8

Conversation overheard between two men on their way out of work; one of them is a Russian immigrant.  They were talking about St. Patrick’s Day.

The first man was asking if the Russian was going to do anything for St. Paddy’s Day.  The Russian said he had no plans, which prompted the other guy to ask, “Do you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Russia?”

The Russian shook his head and laughed, “No, we don’t have St. Patrick’s Day.  But we do have a holiday that falls around a similar time.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yeah, it’s called, let me see,” he faux pondered and then smiled, “It is called…End of Winter.”

But the best part was the last bit after his punch line.  When the other guy said, “End of winter?  That sounds like a nice holiday,” the Russian hit him with a second punch line, “In Northern Russia they celebrate the end of winter for two weeks in July.”

“Two weeks?  In July?” asked the other man.

The Russian laughed again, “Yes, they call it Summer.”

Aaah, good ol’ fashioned ethnic humor.  Gotta love the Ruskies!