Shorty Shorts #16 Another School Bus?

I know I promised the merch post today, but I wanted to get this off my chest while I was still thinking of it…

I drive past a Strip Club on my way to work (and back home) and the other day I saw a school bus that, I assume was broken down, parked in their parking lot.  The sight of a school bus in a strip club parking lot got me thinking about weird things.  And here is a list of those weird things!


They didn’t have field trips like that when I was in school!


They needed a whole bus for Take Your Daughters to Work day?


Seems to be a popular spot for Job Shadowing.


The slippery slope of split-gender gym classes has turned to this: The boys play dodge ball, and the girls pole dance.


Finally, something fun to do with all that Art Class glitter: Stripper body-painting!


It’s not a Hooters, so they can’t be there for the Wings.


Okay, that’s it for me.  I will still put up the merch we bought this week.



Stripped Bare

Let me get the set up out-of-the-way first, so you don’t think I’m a total creeper.  My fiance’s friend just got out of a bad relationship and wanted to test her bisexuality.  So she said she wanted to head to a strip club and check out some titties.  But she’s only 19, so we had to find a club that permitted 18 and over instead of 21 and over.

So I found one pretty close, and we headed to it Wednesday night about midnight.  They’re open ‘till 4 am (Wed-Sat), so a night owl like me is right at home.  It was myself, my fiancé, and her friend.  Neither of the three of us had ever been to a strip club, before.

That’s right, I’d never been to a strip club until last night.


It was certainly not exactly what I was expecting.  I was kind of expecting the way the movies portrayed it, a bunch of disinterested women dancing around half-naked while drunk guys tossed dollar bills at them.  Way wrong, well, about the ladies at least.

The ladies were personable, friendly, one even shook our hands before she danced for us.  My fiancé and her friend got to motorboat a couple of the dancers, so they weren’t afraid to indulge the visiting ladyfolk.  A couple of them had short conversations with us (how big of a dork am I that I consider the conversations the best part?) and of course they were all talented and good-looking, and naked, too.  I certainly could have done with a few more girls with some meat on their bones, since most of them had cheerleader bodies and probably weighed a hundred pounds soaking wet.  But they were still cute and sexy, even if I would have broken them in half in bed.

Considering my expectations, I'd have been impressed just by not getting robbed and raped as soon I entered the door.

Considering my expectations, I’d have been impressed just by not getting robbed and raped as soon I entered the door.

The bouncers were firm and fair; I’ve never had such a friendly frisking.  I’m also glad they only frisk on the way in, or else they might’ve had to ask where I got the tree limb from.  And the valet was friendly, too, although my fiancé nearly bit her fingertips off as soon we handed the car over to him.  I’d hate to see the heart attack she’d have if we had driven there in something besides her $500 Camry.  He was good with the car, though.

All in all it was a very friendly atmosphere, the dancers were cute and accommodating.  Unfortunately I can’t critique the booze, because my fiancé and her friend are both too young to drink and I don’t drink (plus I was the driver) so I can’t really rate the booze.

We spent about $125 on tips, so we definitely can’t afford to do it constantly.  But it is a nice, fun little evening and my fiancé decided she wants to go again in a few weeks/months.  Can’t say I’d argue with that plan, hehe.