Photopost: Strong Women

It might be because of the way I was raised, or perhaps I’ve just always fancied women this way, but I enjoy stories and pictorials involving strong women.  A lot of my stories involve women of strength, both physically and mentally.

My primary WIP (work in progress) involves two strong women, who are oath-sisters, and each are the opposite of the spectrum in strengths.  Cimei is beautiful, with the perfect frame, and is well-educated and intelligent.  Her younger oath-sister, Chunli, was a street urchin who has no formal education, but is a ferocious and dedicated warrior.

Another WIP is an anthology of short stories about a valkyrie as she hunts for noble warriors to induct as Einherjar.  Yet another project I’m working on has the main character’s love interest as a falconer’s daughter who is deadly with a knife and has a trained attack hawk.

So, since I missed so many updates (blame Firefly and 2K Games for releasing the Stronghold Collection for $20 =D ), here’s a big ‘ol Photopost to make up for it.  This one involves Strong Women.  They might not all be Demotivational Posters or anything, but they’re just pictures I’ve found that exemplify strong women in some manner.  Whether in looks, attitude, physical power, or intellect.  Credit to artists when I actually know who it is that made it.  BTW, if anything I post up is made by you…send me an e-mail and I’ll credit you, no problems.

Firstly, we’ll hit upon the sexually powerful women.

For those with a sexually sadistic bent.

My fiance really likes this one; I wonder why?

Now that's a punishment I could get really behind...or under, as the case may be.

Next we’ll hit upon the physically strong women.

So true...

You know…some men still think that a woman belongs in the kitchen.  Making sandwiches of all things.  Imagine that…

So much for that whole 'bare foot and pregnant' idea; huh buddy?

And for the gamers, we have a female version of the Uncharted series’ protagonist, Nathan Drake.

Uncharted + Menstration = Tomb Raider

For those that like anime, Fullmetal Alchemist’s Marta was a pretty good example of a strong woman.  She was steadfast, loyal, and determined; not to mention strong and…uhh…flexible.  So here’s a pretty awesome cosplayer of Marta.

I wonder how limber she is?

And finally a reminder that not all writers value strong women and that when I finally get off my ass and finish something to get it published that you should immediately rush out and buy my work (shameless plug) to support strong-women friendly writers. =D

My stories all lack in these kind of characters. And I'm happy about that.


BTW, until I’m publshed buy the Stronghold Collection if you like city building games and/or RTS games.  So far I’m happy with my purchase.

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