DJ Comic: October Holidays Part 5


I’m kinda running out of ideas for unclaimed weeks (if you haven’t already noticed).  So, I’m a tree now.

Rich doesn’t need a holiday to talk about all that stuff.  He can turn any conversation into some sort of history lesson.

Stuffed animals are a lot easier to take care of than real animals.

We didn’t actually carve any pumpkins this year.  A lot of stuff going on and I just wasn’t feeling up to it.

But what about Halloween you say?  How could I forget Halloween you ask?  Oh, just you wait, I could never forget about Halloween.



Hey folks, just wanted to let you know…I suffered a massive computer crash.  I’m slowly recovering my stuff but I was already behind schedule on things and this does not help to accomplish all of my momentary goals.  So to compensate, here’s a picture of a cute kitty hugging a teddy bear.

Computer crashed?  I'm not getting out of bed, today!

Computer crashed? I’m not getting out of bed, today!