Did I Get Hit On? Wife Edition!

Unfortunately with Comipo I can’t make perfect reenactments of stories because of resource and space constraints. So here’s the whole story from the last comic.

One day Rich and I decided to hit Sheetz for dinner after work, because we needed gas and didn’t really feel like cooking. We just went in our uniforms (because why the hell would I get changed just to go to Sheetz?) and were waiting for our number to get called.


waiting too long


We both started looking at random stuff, Rich wondered a little bit down a nearby aisle and I was looking at the little refrigerator where they keep the cold sandwiches and such; trying not to drool on the food. And as I was staring at the food a young boy, probably about 15, olive skin, brown eyes, dark spiked up hair and wearing a polo shirt with the buttons undone and a gold chain across his exposed chest, walked up to me and said “Hey, do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow?”


He could have done this and I'd still probably be oblivious.

He could have done this and I’d still probably be oblivious.


And me, the derp that I am, didn’t realize what he was doing at first, so I replied “Sorry, Sweetie I didn’t watch the news today.” At this point Rich has popped his head out of the aisle with a look of “Oh, who’s this, one of your old friends from high school or something?”


who dat


We’re still not sure if he thought if my uniform jacket wasn’t mine, like maybe my dad’s or something and then realized that is was actually mine and that I was too old for him. Or he was afraid of Rich, but soon after Rich popped out he patted me on shoulder and said “Oh, uh thank you.  H-have a good night.”


ouch hawkward


After he walked away I looked at Rich and said “I think he may have been hitting on me.” And we both started to laugh, because we honestly have no idea what he would have followed that up with.  We thought maybe if I said that it would be cold tomorrow he’d say something like “Oh, then I can keep you warm.”  But that’s about all we could come up with.  And then the old jokes started…


at least that's what they told me


After we came up with the theory that he may have realized I was older than he thought, one of the first things out of Rich’s mouth was “I think he wanted you to sand blast his dick with your dusty cunt.” I started laughing so hard I almost fell over.  But then I reminded Rich that he’s older than me and said “Well, you’re so old that you ejaculate dust!”  We were both laughing so hard.  We even freaked out a nearby couple.


"Did you hear what she said, Darling?  I know, dear, just ignore them."

“Did you hear what she said, Darling? I know, dear, just ignore them.”


We could tell because the girl kept clutching the guy she was with harder and they were both slowly moving away from us. It was hilarious!  I’m kinda surprised the Sheetz workers didn’t ask us to leave because we were laughing so hard.