SG: Yoshitomo Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that on our new Samurai Gaiden channel I finally fixed the Minamoto no Yoshitomo video from last year that got absolutely buggered somewhere between editing and uploading.  You can find the new video below, on our YouTube Channel, or where the old Yoshitomo video used to be in the Samurai Gaiden playlist:



RPG Maker Video Tutorial

Don’t know how many of you folks utilize the program RPG Maker in any sense or semblance, but due to a question in their forums that I was helping to answer (I’m about lower-intermediate skill level with the program) I created a video tutorial and put it up on the Bitchido Youtube Channel.  If you want to know how to program doors and such in RPG Maker VX Ace, then take a gander at it.

That’s for today.  I’ve been busy building in said program to do much else.  I hope to have a demo and such up in the next few days to next few weeks.