DJ Comic: February Holidays Part 1


Even if Rich and I ever do have a “legit” wedding ceremony it would definitely not happen in February.  Even with an inside wedding you still have to deal with traveling to wherever the wedding is in shitty weather.  Well at least where Rich and I live.  But I assume most people probably want a February wedding because of Valentine’s Day, which I find to be kinda silly, but hey whatever floats your goat.


Of course with how February weather is going right now it might not actually be too bad.  The past few days have felt more like a mild autumn day than winter.


7 Years of Happiness (For Me, At Least)

I just felt like pointing out that today is the 7th Anniversary of the Wife and I getting together.  It’s kind of funny because we had so many dates to choose for our anniversary date.

There is July 31st when we actually started dating and transcended just being friends to actually become a romantic couple.

There’s some random day in February (the 13th, maybe?) when I proposed to her.

There’s August, I dunno, 23rd-ish when we announced we were actually getting married and had our witnesses sign our marriage license forms.

There’s also September 11th, the date we actually put on the marriage license because if we signed it on the 23rd we would have received a $50 fine (Pennsylvania has some weird laws).

But we decided a long time ago that the most important day wasn’t the day we signed some papers, it was the day we declared our adoration for each other and joined our lives together as one; July 31st.  So here’s to 7 happy years together.  And, who knows, 93 more?

Oh god...what have I said 'yes' to?

Oh god…what have I said ‘yes’ to?


Sweater Vest Weather!

So, someone in my wife’s family is getting married today and we’re going up to the wedding.  Naturally weddings are formal events, so it’s semi-formal attire.  My wife’s idea of getting dressed up is to wear jeans without holes in them, generally.  My idea of casual attire is not wearing a tie.

Apparently I thought The Godfather and The Untouchables were a fashion show.

Apparently I thought The Godfather and The Untouchables were a fashion show.

Another point of interest in this conversation is that it is currently the end of October, in Western Pennsylvania, so it’s somewhat chilly.  As a matter of fact, as I write this post, it is 48 degrees Farenheit outside.  And because I’m trying to keep the gas bills under $500 a month this year (that’s another story you’ll hear before too long) I’ve got the heat set pretty low inside the house, too.  So I’m pretty much just walking around cold all the time, lately.  And there’s still November, December, January, and February to get through.

Shut up, Ned!

Shut up, Ned!

So last night we were planning what we were going to wear and the wife was deciding on how to wear her hair, what blouse to wear, what pants, what accessories…blah, blah, blah.  And then a sudden realization dawned on me: It’s Sweater-Vest Weather!

That's right, Bitches!

That’s right, Bitches!

My wife doesn’t let me wear my sweater vests very often (or ties, or button-down shirts, or even polo shirts), because she says that when we go out together it looks more like I’m her father than her husband.  So when I get the chance to throw on some ’40s fashion, I relish in the opportunity.  I will be rocking that sweater vest all day today…or at least until we go to a Halloween party after the wedding and I have to change.


Of course when I change for the Halloween party I get to dress even cooler…