DJ Comic: April Holidays Part 1

Hey everyone, it’s me, Mimi!  I had planned for this to be up in the first part of April, but with Richs’ book coming out–

No!  I've become what I hate...

No! I’ve become what I hate…

Well, hell…okay so April has a few holidays in it.  Here they are…



DickJutsu The Comic!

Welcome, welcome, one and all!  Have I mentioned my book, Escort has recently come out?

Shut up!  This is my post, writer-boy!

Shut up! This is my post, writer-boy!

Oookay, so, uhh, my wife has begun making comics.  I’d like to introduce you to the first in a new series:


DickJutsu The Comic!


Yeah…we…are working on the title.  Give us a break, I just released a book

Stop it...

Stop it…

So without further ado (or bodily harm to me) here is the first episode, or is it issue?  Yeah, I think ‘issues’ would be a good way to describe this whole thing…


At least I’m not the only one with issues.

I am, however the only one with a boo–

I said no!!

I said no!!