SG: Yoshitomo Update

Hey everyone, just wanted to let you all know that on our new Samurai Gaiden channel I finally fixed the Minamoto no Yoshitomo video from last year that got absolutely buggered somewhere between editing and uploading.  You can find the new video below, on our YouTube Channel, or where the old Yoshitomo video used to be in the Samurai Gaiden playlist:



New Samurai Gaiden Channel!

With the new year starting we have decided to create a new Samurai Gaiden channel, specifically for our Samurai Gaiden videos.  You can learn more about the reasoning by watching either, or both, of these two videos:

New Samurai Gaiden Channel


Update on What we’re doing with the old DickJutsu channel:

We hope this will help to be more productive and enjoyable to all our fans!


A Whole Slew of Samurai Gaidens!

Hey folks, by now you probably know of our webseries Samurai Gaiden.  Well we’ve got over ten videos up, including a few of the shorter ‘gaiden’ gaiden videos.  So we made a YouTube Playlist so that you can watch them all without getting interrupted by other people’s videos or even by our own non Samurai Gaiden videos.

Also very soon we will have some transcribed posts to go along with the videos.  We will begin with the first transcribed video (Date Masamune) on January 11th.  From this point on every new Samurai Gaiden will have a transcribed version posted on the site on the first Friday of the month, when the video goes live!

Here’s a link to the playlist:

Hope you all enjoy it and maybe even learn yerselves sumthin’ ’bout them thar Samyoorai!


P.S. Also…have a happy new year.  2016 can’t be any worse than 2015 was, right?  Riiighhhttt? 0_0

DJ Comic: September Holidays Part 5


Yay!  I got my own YouTube channel!

Fall is my all time favorite season.  There are so many reasons why it’s my favorite: Like how it’s so beautiful, all the fall scents and flavors, and of course the holidays!  Oh, yeah, and my birthday is in September, and I guess that’s kind of nice, too… when I remember it.


Neither Rich nor I really like the taste of booze, so the beer part of Oktoberfest doesn’t really appeal to us.  But the food; now that’s something we both love.


Samurai Gaiden

It has finally come!  Samurai Gaiden has officially begun.  We are currently aiming for monthly videos, however as we improve and streamline our process we may increase the amount of videos.  As promised, since my camera kind of cut his segment short from the Tekko videos, the first episode is about Ashikaga Yoshiteru.

One thing I’d like to highlight is the music I used in the video.  Both tracks are from an artist named Eric Taylor.  He makes a lot of decent royalty-free music and you should definitely check his stuff out if you’re looking for anything.


Tekko 2015 Video Upload Schedule

Hey folks, as promised the videos of our panels are going up across the next two weeks!  Starting tomorrow with the upload of Part 1 of my How To Avoid Bad Writing panel.  And ultimately it will culminate in the premiere of our new feature on YouTube: Samurai Gaiden!

Based on the feedback from the History of Sengoku Japan we have decided to start a new series on YouTube.  Each episode will concentrate on a particular person or event and highlight anecdotes in an educational and interesting way.

Because of the battery issue we had that cut the recording off in the middle of Ashikaga Yoshiteru’s story, he will be our first choice.  At any time feel free to comment on the Samurai Gaiden videos (once they start) and suggest someone or something you want to hear about.

We may also put in a few interesting ‘special features’ of some sorts, like talking about weapons or armor of the Samurai or maybe lifestyle…y’know whatever you folks are interested in hearing and I’m interested in telling you.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves!  The first video goes up tomorrow morning!


Have You Ever Heard of…Peter Hollens?

Aaand it’s been a while.  I blame that on three things…

1. I was on vacation for a while.  I intended to get a bunch of work done, but really just became background vegetation in the story of my own life for a week.

2. I was doing a bunch of research and such for my latest WIP which I hope to have finished by October 25 (it is a sentimental deadline because the timing of the story would be October 25th, if it was set in the modern-day).

3. And I’ve been sick for about a week, too.  Along with my wife, who was supposed to be caring for my wussy-ass, but got even sicker than me and my corpse had to take care of her.

You can read all three of those points in simpler terms, too, if you have an issue with your attention span:

1. I’m a…

2. Lazy…

3. Douche!

What? Nine Thousand?!

Seriously, I’m surprised I had 9 views in 2012.  I’m getting near 50,000 views.  Who are you people?

Soo…I figured my last few posts before dying and disappearing from the face of the earth were about the games we’ve made (more behind the scenes stuff from Dynasty Heroes is coming; and I believed I’ve figured out my audio issue, too) and a few political things.  So today it’s going to be some nonsensical fan-girling.  Err, in my case fan-boying. If you aren’t familiar with Peter Hollens, take a little trip over to his YouTube Channel or to one of the numerous places that sell his songs so you can buy them all.  He does A Capella covers, and a few covers with other singers and instrumentalists, and even has an original song or two (Sleepwalking is one of my favorite songs of all time).  His new album is available for pre-order now.  I’m a huge fan of his.

Not like, this is on my wall with lipstick imprints kind of fan. I just listen to his music almost non-stop.

Not like, this is on my wall with lipstick imprints kind of fan. I just listen to his music almost non-stop.

Well I’m sure you also know, if you’ve followed me for any real period of time, that I am also a huge fan of the game Mount&Blade.  And I was playing one of the mods for Mount&Blade: Warband, called 1257AD.  As you can imagine it’s based in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Minor during the year 1257.  I was just screwing around and I wound up hitting the randomize button on the character face-creation screen.  I wound up with a character that looks almost disturbingly like a sour-faced version of Peter Hollens.

I have named him Sir Peter of Hollensberg.

I have named him Sir Peter of Hollensberg.

Hair color’s a little off, and his nose might be a bit too wide.  But overall I think it’s rather likeable to him.  I know he’s a gamer, too, I wonder if he’s ever played Mount&Blade?  If he has, I wonder if he’s found this particular arrangement of facial choices and played as himself?  If you’d like a side-by-side comparison, I scruffed Sir Peter up a bit…

The hardest part was trying to get him to look in the same direction, actually.

The hardest part was trying to get him to look in the same direction, actually.

And I’m sure we all remember the video he made for the cover he did of Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now.

Unfortunately there aren't any sweatband items in the game.

Unfortunately there aren’t any sweatband items in the game.

Here he is in full armor, Sir Peter of Hollensberg the Earl of St. Ives!

Peter of Hollensberg

I’m not a nerd; I’m a level 12 A Capella Singer!

And here he is shirtless with his sword in his hands.

Which we all want to see!

Which we all want to see!  Err…wait, what did I just say?

So I’ve been playing as Peter Hollens, I guess.  And Sir Hollens, should you ever find this post…your digital self has a message for you…

Like as in..."Do a legit cover of Carry On My Wayward Son." I can only assume.

Like as in…”Do a legit cover of Carry On My Wayward Son.” I can only assume.


NIC3NTERTAINMENT Pesents: Dynasty Heroes!

All right folks, not only is it official that the wife and I are now running our own game development company called NIC3NTERTAINMENT, but we are finally able to put up the first of our two projects to be released: Dynasty Heroes!


As mentioned before, it is free, so give it a download and play it.  You can find it, along with the cast and crew behind it, by clicking on the page tab at the top of the page labeled Dynasty Heroes.  Or if you can’t wait, clicking on that picture will take you to the free mediafire download.

We also have a ‘Let’s Play’ on our YouTube channel that discusses some of the hidden references and in-jokes of the game, along with some developer commentary recorded by yours truly.

So give the game a quick once-through, or a two- or three-through since there are multiple endings, head over to the DickJutsu Youtube Channel to watch some commentary, and make sure to share our work, and comment on it in the Dynasty Heroes page.  It’s a quick play, being about an hour in length.


Hey, you can’t beat a free game, right?

Don’t Judge A Butch By Its Cover?

I’ve begun watching a particular Youtuber lately, her name is Hart and her username is Hartbeat…which is nifty.  But this video is the whole reason why I’ve started watching her:

I’ve watched at least one other one where she gets naked.  She compares herself to Jenna Marbles, another Youtuber.  Personally I’d rather have a romp with Hart, to be honest; you know, if I was single and she wasn’t a lesbian.  Yeah, if I weren’t married and she weren’t gay I would totally tag that err, put the moves on err, watch from the other side of the room like the little pussy I am err, feebly try to date her.



Screw it, we’ll go with that.

Just watch her videos, she’s hilarious.



I remember seeing the show original Japanese version of Silent Library once or twice during a humorous panel at Tekkoshocon.  It was pretty good, but now apparently it’s on MTV.  I just caught an episode on YouTube and that’s what I’ve been doing.  If you enjoy watching big burly men get mistreated by their friends for small sums of cash (in the end each guy gets a little more $700 for all their troubles), especially if you enjoy watching shirtless muscle-bound men have clamps put on their nipples.

The episode happens to be about some WWE superstars, whom I’ve never heared of because I don’t watch wrestling, go through an ordeal.  The one really big guy getting smacked with a bat is great, as is his fatal Simpsons joke during the Twister Sister (a cute Twisted Sister pun) trial where says, “The goggles do nothing!”

So if you’ve got twenty minutes to spare, I’d suggest sparing it on this video…


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