A Desperate Mother’s Love

Roy Schroeder is a down-on-his luck Private Detective. He’s willing to take just about any job! So when a single mother waltzes into his office and tells him her daughter has been kidnapped…he tells her to leave and let the police handle it.  But she eventually convinces him that he’s the only person who can handle the job.  But he can’t do it alone!  He’ll have to hire some help.  Maybe in the form of a collegiate young lady and a voluptuous actress-turned-hitwoman?

In this prequel to the exciting detective adventure, In Over Their Heads, follow Roy Schroeder in one of his first cases.  Play as Angie and try to ace Roy’s unorthodox interview.  Investigate your client’s apartment and see if you can uncover the truth.  Oh, you should also try to the get the little girl back in one piece be cause there is nothing stronger than…






You can get it here, for FREE!  Feel free to vote for it and leave us a comment, as it is entered into the contest we link to.


*Interesting story and characters from 1930s America

*Multiple endings, based on your detective skills and choices!

*Fully voiced dialogue by talented VO actors!

*Roughly 40 minutes of play time

*Engaging jazzy music by Eric Matyas from Sound Image.org.


Produced By:

Written & Created By:
Richard C. Shaffer

Developed using RPGMaker VX Ace v1.02a
Copyright (C) 2011 Enterbrain, Inc. Yoji Ojima

Message Busts Script
by: Galv
Version 1.1

MultiFrame Sprites Script
by: FenixFyreX and Despain

Save Location Override Script
by: Shaz

-Art Department-
Art Assets Provided By:
Pioneer Valley Games

Maps By:
Mimi Huey
Richard C. Shaffer

Busts/Portraits/Sprites Compiled By:
Richard C. Shaffer

Addendum Art By:
Richard C. Shaffer

-Sound Department-
Sound Designers:
Richard C. Shaffer
Mimi Huey

Voice Roles:

Roy Schroeder
Cary Reese

Angie Rosenbaum
Anna Chloe Moorey

Vonnie St. Germaine
Sarah Dunham

Nuria Ybarra
Laura Schafer

Chen Gung
Greg Arnold


All Music Composed By:
by Eric Matyas

Tracks Used:
“10 Past Midnight”
“The Jazz Man”
“Still of the Night”
“Moonlit Streets”
“City Moon”
“The Concrete Bakes”
“Sodium Vapor”
“Wandering the Streets”
“While The City Sleeps”
“Delivering The Goods”
“Hong Kong Midnight”
“Winter Alleys”

Custom Sound Effects Used:
“Old Phone Ringtone Poland”
by: blukotek

by: magedu

“Rifle_223 02”
by: knufds

“Pulls up and Parks Car”
by: benwer

“Vintage Camera Flash Powder and Shutter”
by: Werra

All custom sounds provided by

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